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Why Do So Many People Believe the Earth is Flat? -- Flat Earth Facts
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Flat Earth Facts
Published 5 months ago |
A 2018 YouGov poll revealed only two thirds of millennials strongly believe the earth is a globe. The poll also shows that 2% of all Americans are firmly convinced the earth is flat and 5% of all Americans say they used to believe it was a globe but now have doubts.

This is an astonishing number of people. 7% of 350 million is 24.5 million people. So, according to this poll there are now almost 25 million people in the United States who are not firmly convinced that the earth is a globe.

So I have been thinking deeply as to why the flat earth movement has taken off so successfully in the past couple of years and I believe there are five reasons that explain this phenomenon:

1. The Failure of Science
2. The Failure of NASA
3. The Failure of Education
4. The Failure of Gravity
5. Cultural memory of the flat earth model

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