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Absolute Interference - The Jimmy Kimmel Crackhead Interviews: Rob Ford vs Mike Lindell
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Published 7 months ago |
In May 2014 Jimmy Kimmel interviewed former Toronto, Canada Mayor Rob Ford who had been the butt of mainstream media and late night talk show jokes for weeks after a video of the (since passed away) Mayor smoking crack in a crack house went viral. Kimmel had been relentless in going after ford and his daily antics at City Hall for weeks leading up to that infamous interview in Kimmel's Hollywood hot seat. Kimmel was hard on the crack smoking Mayor and showed no mercy in that interview. Rob Ford was furious at the outcome of sitting in with Kimmel. Fast forward exactly 7 years and this time it was since crack rehabilitated 'My Pillow' CEO Mike Lindell sitting down to be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel and Kimmel was not as hard on the former crack addict as he was with Rob Ford. It actually appeared that Kimmel had a soft spot for Lindell, but he wanted to blame Lindell's crack smoking day's for making him paranoid. I did not agree with this. The last 25 minutes of this video deal with the end of Lindell's latest video: "Absolute Interference".

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