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Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forver
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Published a year ago |
Gene Modification.
Gene Editing, Designer babies is possible with Crisper Cas9 gene editing. More tools to play God.
I remember when they first discovered this, they convinced the public that is was going to be excellent and put to good use. They said that its capability can write over damaged Gene's, so if you suffered from genetic disease. Something thought impossible to reverse, cas9 could overwrite the damaged gene and make you brand new again. They proclaimed it could cure all genetic diseases and more. Years have passed and we dont see Cas9 doing the things they had all of us invisioning in our minds. The topic went strait for redesigning people, not healing the sick, but designing babies with preferred genes and unwanted genes edited out. And it's also being used to rearrange genes in the plant and animal kingdom. Making new varieties within species. Still waiting for them to heal the crippled as they promised. Apparently, everybody has forgotten or dont care anymore. It has limitless potential they say but let's not pursue anything that could change things in a positive way. It's just a huge let down.
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