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The Green Certificate's purpose was to “domesticate” the EU citizens into compliance and submission
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Published 7 days ago |

Christian Terhes.

Jun 23, 2022 Speech in the European Parliament, a day before voting on extending with one more year the Green Certificate - June 22, 2022

"The Digital Green Certificate was the first instrument imposed by Ursula von der Leyen that is leading to the Chinafication of Europe and to a digital tyranny.

In 2021 Commissioner Dydier said in this plenary that the Parliament needs to move “fast”, without debates, to pass the Green Certificate in order to “save people”. The majority of the MEPs believe that false narrative and voted in favor of the Certificate.

The usage of this Certificate in the last year proved that the real purpose of it was not for medical reasons, but to actually “domesticate” the EU citizens into compliance and submission.

From an “area of freedom”, as the Treaty states, EU became a place when people could not go to work, to travel, to receive health care, or to use mass transportation unless they had a Green Certificate, which was, in one case, granted to them after they had to be vaccinated with a medical product that, in some cases, is causing side effects, including fatality.

This Green Certificate violated EVERYTHING that EU stood for and created a dangerous precedent that must end NOW, which is why the MEPs must reject it once and for all!"

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