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Is you car scrambling your brain (English Subtitle"
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Published 4 years ago
“Headache in the car”
If there is any doubt that EMF/wireless technology affects us, this video clearly demonstrates it.
English subtitles for German 2017 RTL video "Kopfschmerzen im Auto", about an experiment demonstrating alarming brain effects from WLAN/WIFI and other electronic features of modern cars.

We now live in a wireless-saturated normality that has never
existed in the history of the human race. EMFs
are invisible, odorless, and a lot of ‘authorities’ tell us that it’s harmless.
But once you hear how much our exposure to microwave radiation (emitted
by cell phones, Bluetooth, wifi, etc.) has increased in the last 100
years alone, you’ll realize it’s the fastest increasing
environmental factor that we are exposed to:
Fact: You and I are being exposed to levels of EMFs a QUINTILLION times
higher than in the 1920s. That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times
the amount of EMF exposure….
Still think EMFs don’t affect our health?… I didn’t think so.
Nick Pineault

The Entire Human Body Functions through Electricity.
When the energy pulses through the constant radioactivity from a Smart
Meter, Cell Tower, Cell Phone and other wireless appliances it
affects organs, cells, and more of the world’s population per
capita as more Wi-Fi Technology is used. The Data, Research
and Proven Hazards are fully aware within government files however
they will deny it. They need the people to say “it’s
not safe” before they change their ways, the governments doesn’t
want to be held liable, for their lies. Utility Companies are
receiving millions in profits & politicians are getting
kickbacks. Politicians cannot and will not change their ways
without the people telling them to do so, it’s how the system


The 5G kill grid, coming to a neighborhood near you – Wi-Fi – The
Invisible Killing Fields
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