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EN/ES What is happening in Sri Lanka? Is it the beginning of the Great Reset? It's the tip of the iceberg?
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Pulpito Pulpo
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Published a year ago

I don't think any single country is the "model" for the New World Order because many countries are neck-deep in the Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum-driven madness known as the Great Reset.

 But Sri Lanka is certainly a nation to watch. Its corrupt puppet politicians, just like those in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Europe, have been in a race to the goal of Schwab's dystopian global technocracy, which is the final destination, a truly dark place of surveillance total overwhelming control over all human activity.

 All resisters will be dealt with harshly, as we have seen in the J6 protest here in the US and the truckers' uprising in Canada.

 But maybe, just maybe, the resisters in some of these countries will find a way to harness the anger that is rising among the people and throw off their shackles.

 Sri Lanka will be interesting to watch as it looks like things may come to a head there faster than anywhere else.

 Since this spring, the people of the island nation formerly known as Ceylon have been dealing with gas shortages, power outages, high inflation, food riots and bank runs. I have sources within the country that provide me with information, so this is not third-hand information, it is directly from the natives who live through what is an increasingly intense powder keg.

 As early as May 9, my source told me about the spread of food riots and that "people are killing each other in the streets." This led to curfews and planned power outages.

 Since then it has only gotten worse.

 Today, protesters have violated the trees of the temple, which is the official residence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

 They then stormed the president's office.

 Why is this happening?

 The nation has been bankrupted by its corrupt leaders. People have run out of fuel and food. They've had enough and many are at their breaking point, a point where you realize you have nothing to lose by attacking the gangsters who have destroyed your country.

 I heard from my most trusted source today inside Sri Lanka that people would come to Colombo, the capital, to take part in these mass protests. Many arrived packed in shipping containers because nearly all buses and passenger trains ran out of fuel.

 Some walked up to 100 kilometers to participate in the protests in Colombo.

 “Please write an article about the situation in our country”, my Sri Lankan friend asked me. “This is probably the beginning of everything for other countries through the Great Reset. Our Prime Minister Ranil is a Freemason and a member of the WEF.”

 I asked my source about this.

 “Yes, it happened. We all saw it on television,” was the response. "We don't know where the president is right now."

 What about the prime minister, Ranil? I asked. He is the notorious Masonic traitor and disciple of Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum.

 “Ranil says that he will step down once a national government is formed,” they told me, though Sri Lankans are taking this with a grain of salt, as they have lost patience with Ranil and don't believe a word he says .

 Ranil reportedly signed a deal with the WEF in 2016 that placed him under the wing of the globalists. He is a puppet politician (sound familiar, Canadians, Americans, Europeans?) who is not answerable to the citizens of him. He answers to foreign entities in London, New York, Brussels and Davos.

 Ranil said he too would like to see Chinese investment in his country, which of course always comes at a price, in the form of influence over pro-Chinese government policies. This is exactly how he has functioned in the United States, where American politicians, corporate oligarchs and the media are paid handsomely to sell out the working-class citizens of their country.




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