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Straight Shooting News: Humanity Alert NH Meeting School Board Insanity Shortages Planned
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Published 10 months ago |
Straight Shooting News on 10 17 2021: Humanity Alert - NH Meeting - School Board Insanity - Shortages Planned

We begin on an alarming note:
Dr. Steven Quay on New virus poses 'an existential threat to life as we know it on this planet';jsessionid=node01285291fossd11c7xs67g1cbr56127496.node0
This new strain has not been developed yet (that we know of?) and Dr. Quay is just sounding the alarm, but if Wuhan Lab is working on a virus that is 80% lethal, it will destroy the Human Race …
New Hampshire residents this week took part in a peaceful protest against their state accepting Federal funding to set up a database and testing sites … as many aware residents of NH noted the federal money is no more than a bribe to State officials …
Review this live video - notice no one was speaking loudly or being disruptive, but peaceful assembling … but watch Governor Sununu.
1:57 Sununu looks at his phone; 3:00 gives a nod; 4:20 looks to phone;
4:40 the arrests begin after someone goes up to speak to Crissy and gives a double nod at 5:30

Ed spoke with a protesters that was there and she said the goal was to remain silent in protest to purposely not cause a disruption – as they had been successful in lobbying the Executive Council to reject the federal funding.

This video shows what happened outside with those arrested.
The woman taking the video, and her husband were arrested.

In Massachusetts National Guard will administer testing to students, due to staffing shortages.

In Loudon Virginia, the father of a ninth grade girl was forcibly removed from a school board meeting.
Police report October 7, 2021: Teenager Charged in Sexual Battery of High School Student

On the legal scene - court cases to fight back against mandates. This one may set legal precedents on a TRO with UNITED AIRLINES. FJ – Farmer Jones – explains how this type of lawsuit has merit
More in Legal group on,

Lastly, supply chain issues and the cargo sitting off our shorelines. Why is this? First, vaccine mandates are creating a labor shortage. Ex-Walmart CEO: Biden supply chain is a ‘mess from start to finish’

On January 18, 2021, the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and the other uber Wealthy Globalists explained what was to come. Same hosts of Event 201, Pandemic drill in October 2019, when covid began to appear.
July 2021 White paper from the World Economic Forum,
The drill continues to the end of 2021.

Remember the Australian video from last week’s show where the term New World Order was explicitly stated as the reason for lockdowns.

No time for world protests tonight … but they are going on!

Join us Wednesdays at 7:00PM EST for “The Good Fight Forevermore” where we cover Mind Manipulation and what Plato called “The Noble Lie”! – it’s for your own good!
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