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A.D.E Explained: How the COVID-19 Variants will KILL THE VACCINATED ☠️
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Published 2 years ago
You still think the COVID-19 vaccines will protect you? Think again... There has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine made for the last 20 years. They've tried and the animals became very sick or died when facing the wild virus after vaccination. This is called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (A.D.E) or Pathogenic Priming. These experimental gene therapy "vaccines" destroy your natural antibody response. The antibodies created by the vaccine are only designed to respond to that first SARS-CoV2 coronavirus which is since long gone. This means NO VACCINE WILL EVER WORK against coronavirus because once you've created the vaccine - there's already a new dominant variant that's taken over. This is called vaccine chasing, which is a never ending chase for a cure that never will be found. Accepting the facts of A.D.E means that every single variant out there CAN TURN DEADLY for the COVID-vaccinated. This is a perfect plan by Big Pharma since they've destroyed your immune system and therefore you need all of their future gene therapy vaccines to survive. So, they take something away from you and then offer THEIR worthless solution to the problem they have caused. It looks like Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche was correct. Getting tired of being fooled over and over? Leave Big Pharma behind and get into natural treatments and medicines that ACTUALLY WORK. If you are vaccinated but you start to do that ASAP, it might not be too late to save your immune system. Remember, you only have one immune system. Once it's ruined for good, you're screwed!

Introduction by the official director of the COVID-19 Vaccine program Dr. David Bauer at the Francis Crick Institute in London, England where he freely admits that the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine essentially destroys 83% of your natural ”gold standard” immune response and that everyone needs booster shots from now on.
Main video, presented by Del Bigtree, originally aired on December 2nd 2021 at
Learn more about how A.D.E is the excuse for INFINITE Booster Shots 💉
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