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History of Fake WHO Pandemics
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Published 2 months ago |
The Communist World Health Organization (WHO) not only has a long history of staging fake pandemics. they've even redefined what a "pandemic" is. So, make no mistake about it, the WHO is NOT just about health. They have a political agenda as well. Since the WHO is a United Nations agency, of course their agenda is the same agenda of the UN and therefore the same agenda of the UN's creators--the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the other elite families. That agenda is to use the UN's ever-growing power to bring about a one-world government, a government that will be administered by the United Nations--a New World Order.

In fact, that's already been happening for over 40 years now, right under our noses. Of course, the hereditary elite [banking] families want to consolidate their power globally. Why wouldn't they? They don't want sovereign nation states, with their own laws and regulations, standing in their way of international hegemony; in their way of enslaving the whole world. So, of course, one of the stated goals of the WHO is to bring "social justice" to the world. That sounds good to a lot of people on the Left. It helps grease the skids.

But, what in the hell does "social justice" have to do with health or medicine? Hmm. Just like "sustainable development," it's just another code phrase for International Communism. Let's not forget, it was the elite families who funded Lenin and Mao too. Communism is their baby.

Yep, this COVID-19 PSYOP, is the Mother of All Frauds, folks. And, every time you wear that stupid mask, you're just sending a message to the world that you've bought into that fraud. You have a greater chance of dying from medical errors than from the new Boogyman, COVID-19. So, watch and learn about the WHO's long history of staging fake pandemics, and how this one is too.

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