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Report 233: Harald Brems testifies on Neuro/DEW Targeting and Stasi Community Harassment in Germany
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Ramola D Reports
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Published 3 years ago
Informative and candid discussion with Harald Brems on the nature of the unlawful neurotech/DEW targeting and Stasi community harassment he has experienced in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany, how these targeting programs essentially enact torture on human bodies, why it is important to speak out and inform the world, and how this ties in to various dark programs of energy weapons testing and neuro/AI experimentation on people worldwide, non-consensually and unlawfully, and the light it casts therefore on the intelligence agencies and militaries who are engaging in criminal actions against humanity. Wrongful targeting often begins with the labeling of civic-minded and community-caring people as "Activists=Terrorists" and then using that invidious and false labeling (Activists are not terrorists) to bury people alive in cruel, Mengele-style experimentation and weapons-testing projects, all of which are atrocities and should be halted immediately.
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