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Homemade Quinine Alternative For Hydroxychloroquine
Published 2 years ago
This is a natural remedy to fight viruses and treat yourself. Quinine can be derived from the rind of grapefruit and lemons, in just a few steps. This is an alternative and natural form of HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine). It is easy to make and super effective!

Take ZINC with this recipe

1. When boiling and cooling, do not take the lid off as this will allow the quinine to escape
2. You can sweeten with honey or stevia, as the Quinine makes it bitter
3. With symptoms, take 1 tablespoon every couple of hours and discontinue when you get better.
4. Keep handy, freeze 1 tablespoon in ice cube molds, transfer into freezer bag for a few months. Date your freezer bag
5. Use filtered water. Or boil tap water and allow it to cool off with lid off.
6. Get as much as the white part of the grapefruit peel.
please do not abuse, as this is also medicine

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