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Can You Keep Your Job Despite a Vaxx Mandate?
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Published 9 months ago |
Ana Garner - Lead counsel - New Mexico Stands Up

For 4 decades Ms. Garner has helped the "little guy" in lawsuits against powerful institutions. Her experience in jury trials and depositions of physicians and expert witnesses earned her a National Institute for Trial Advocacy faculty position at UNM Law School. Like many public interest attorneys during the 2020 Covid hysteria, she saw blatant law violations and immoral exploitations by special interests that led her to stand up for our rights. Along with co-counsel Tom Renz, Ana has sued in federal court the Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for intentionally misleading the public about the dangers of COVID-19. In a local New Mexico county, she has sued to protect frontline workers from the mandate to participate in the increasingly dangerous vaccine experiment.

The Biden administration now has threatened unemployment for Americans working for the government or private companies with 100 or more workers. Police, soldiers, nurses, and workers in all walks of life are being fired - their life's work sabotaged by a narrative that censors thousands of doctors and scientists challenging the claim we suffer from an emergency pandemic. What can we do, to keep our jobs and avoid the under-reported risk of vaccination? Ms. Garner will explain our options, whether via lawful exemption, finding more humane employment, or joining the fight of our lives to save our Republic from nefarious special interests hell-bent on remaking society with even more control at the top and fewer rights for humanity.

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