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The White House Manufactured Crisis in Afghanistan: Is Another 9/11 About to Happen in 'PLANE' Sight?
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Published 2 months ago |
Joe Biden and his Military hierarchy knew damn well in April when they announced that the US Armed Forces were going to be leaving Afghanistan that the Taliban were ready to bounce back in the brutalized nation. That is why it is a shame that Biden decided to 'cut and run' and did not have a Game Plan to leave Afghanistan in a secured state. Biden and company have said that they left Afghanistan with high tech military equipment and 300,000 trained soldiers to defend the country. Biden also said that he did not believe that the Taliban would engage the leftover Afghan troops in an armed battle to retake Afghanistan. On all fronts Biden was wrong. Trump had announced in August 2017 that he wanted to get the US troops out of Afghanistan. I agree the War in Afghan was way too long. Trump said that there had to be a plan in place so that the country of Afghanistan would not be left to fend for itself in the event that the Taliban decided to attack Kabul. That was the plan. Instead Joe Biden 'cut and run'. Are we going to witness a new '9/11' now that the Taliban have their own country?

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