Wait, what?! CDC also runs SECRET vaxx adverse effect report database, not available to the public
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According to Joachim Kuhs, member of the European Parliament, it has recently become known that there is a secret version of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and its European equivalent EudraVigilance. These versions are not available to the public, but only to pharmaceutical companies. Kuhs said this in a press conference held on 21 November 2023.

The Nuremberg Code mandates that citizens receive voluntary, fully informed consent. If they don’t have access essential information, such as on severe adverse events, then it’s impossible for them to give informed consent.

What’s in this private database? It seems that follow-up reports are also in there. It could be that the initial report states that someone was hospitalized due to chest pain. The patient may have died due to a (vaxx-induced) heart attack in the mean time.

The CDC has this follow-up information, but won’t disclose it to the public. Why not? Because it would harm vaccine uptake and CDC’s task is to cover up undesirable information (or spin this information if a cover-up isn’t possible). VAERS has many severe problems, but from CDC’s perspective these are features, not bugs. The ‘deficiencies’ reduce the number of published vaxx adverse effect reports, which is in line with their vaxx propaganda agenda.

CDC never published countless legitimate vaccine adverse event reports, or they report them only to delete them later. I wonder if these legitimate reports are also present in the secret database.


CDC Runs Two VAERS Systems — The Public Can Access Only One of Them | Children’s Health Defense

Is the US’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System broken? | The British Medical Journal

The BMJ Investigates The Broken System Known As VAERS | Alberto Benavides


Segment from press conference (start around 9m30s):

Segment from Children’s Health Defense video:

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