Growing Food Forest Abundance & Freedom | The New Model for Sovereignty w/Jim Gale
1101 views • 01/30/2023

Jim Gale is the Chief Storyteller and fire behind Food Forest Abundance 

They are building a new prototype of abundance and community just south of Orlando, FL on 50+ acres of private land that closely resembles my vision of heaven. The visionaries here are growing a massive network of support using permaculture principles to exist completely free of the matrix: 

Food Forest Abundance: Designers:​

Grow Food Around Asheville, NC (Contact Me below)

His dream is now very real with tour groups of 40-50 people and world leaders/visionaries in agriculture, military, economics, passionate about freedom for the future visiting everyday.
0:00 Overview with Jim
00:39 Intro to Food Forest Abundance
02:13 Ignition with Jim Gale
17:22 Farm Tour Start, Sovereignty, Civil Peace Flag
21:26 Permaculture Guilds
22:04 Freedom Farm Academy

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