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REMINDER: Be A Speaker In This HUGE Event! - More Clarifications & Updates For The Summit!
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Cory - Nature Is The Answer
Published 2 months ago |

We are projecting to maybe have this event start early next year! For potential speakers (Copy and paste the below): SUBJECT: HUGE Collaborative Event - Become A Speaker! Hello! Reaching out because there is a HUGE event going to occur with many different speakers including Mark Passio & Derrick Broze, and was curious if you'd want to be a part of it! The hosts Cory Endrulat & Aaron Butler are looking for any other speakers who are passionate about freedom, have any expertise on the topic and in relating it to the title of the event: "The End Of Slavery Summit." Cory is an author and video content creator part of the OneGreatWorkNetwork, and Aaron is a Natural Law teacher and producer of the OneGreatWorkNetwork. If you are interested, be sure to reach out to them, they want to bring independent media and many great minds together and for several totally free and educative projects! I'm sending you this message on behalf of the moral obligation we share to create change and make more of an impact in today's world together! You can email Cory at [email protected] or you can reach out to him and learn more about the event by going to where it also shows the email and different videos! You only would need to provide a chosen topic and you will be interviewed for about 1 hour! In summary, these are the guidelines for what to provide: Title Of Summit: "The End Of Slavery Summit" 1. Your main topic related to the focus of the summit, it may sound like a presentation title. (it must be a phrase such as “Slavery In Our Economy” or “How Morality Can End Slavery” or “Owning Up To Self-Ownership” or “Slavery Everywhere, Oh My!” or “The History Of How We Enslaved Ourselves” or “Why Are We Becoming More Enslaved?”) 2. One resource for individuals to download. (helpful pdf or image) 3. Provide the hosts with 3 times & days to record that works for you. 4. OPTIONAL: Powerpoint slides, images or a list of topics to mention that goes with your topic. (it will be used during the interview; in any case, slides and images will be created by hosts accordingly to the interview) #summit #event #project


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