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Roman Catholicism Is Not Biblical Christianity, & Open Forum-NOW THE END BEGINS.COM-NOV 6 2022
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Rightly dividing the word
Published 3 months ago |

It is the largest religious institution on the face of the earth with over 1.4 billion followers, only Islam is as big, and it claims to be the Church that Jesus Christ started on the cross at Calvary 2,000 years ago. But is it? Well, Jesus went to the cross around 29 AD, and the Roman Catholic Church came into existence in the early part of the 4th century, so there's that. But as you will see on tonight's Bible study, there's whole lot more to it than just that. On this episode of Rightly Dividing, we take a trip to the never-holy city of Rome, the place where biblical Christians were first slaughtered, and we look under that slimey, old rock known as Vatican City. What are we looking for? Evidence that the Roman Catholic Church is actually not only a Christian Church, but the original Christian Church started by Jesus Christ. SPOILER ALERT: not only will we find zero evidence to back up this claim, we will find a mountain of evidence, 7 mountains actually, proving that Roman Catholicism is actually the satanic counterfeit that is about to become bigger than she ever was. I will draw not only from the Bible, and from some great books and commentaries listed below, but also from my own, personal experience as a 30-year Roman Catholic trained in premier Franciscan and Jesuit schools for a 12-year period. Tonight on 'Rightly Dividing', we uncover Roman Catholicism and take your Bible questions as well!

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