NATO To Send Europeans To War In Ukraine
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After the complete failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive and the horrific losses of the Ukrainian army, despite the multibillion-dollar supply of Western weapons, NATO lost its hope of winning this war via the forces of Ukrainian men and women. Ukraine is already running out of soldiers. Western warmongers cannot solve this problem with money in any way, and someone needs to die until the war ends.

The Ukrainian defense is crumbling on all fronts and it is high time for Kiev’s Western patrons to take decisive measures. Apparently, they have made their choice.

European leaders met in Paris and discussed sending European troops to Ukraine. Macron is trying to take on the role of the main savior of Ukraine. He loudly declares that the Europeans will do everything to prevent Russia from winning this war; but so far, they did not reach any agreement and they are still looking for a consensus.

Shortly after Macron’s loud statements, many European leaders were quick to express their disagreements with his ideas. The Greek Prime Minister said that sending NATO forces to Ukraine is out of the question. The Prime Minister of Slovakia assured that he would do everything to prevent the direct participation of Slovak soldiers in the war in Ukraine. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands declared that the issue of sending troops to Ukraine “is not on the agenda.”

Unfortunately, it is obvious that Western warmongers have already begun to prepare the European population for the upcoming escalation, and this process cannot be stopped. Apparently, the main question for Western elites is who to send to war and in what legal format.

France, as a nuclear power, was not accidentally chosen as a public European leader. After all, the risk of Russian strikes in Europe in response to a Western intervention will grow; but Paris is not at the helm of this whole adventure. It is not for nothing that the US Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs came to Paris to take part in the meeting of European leaders.

While Abrams tanks began burning on the Ukrainian battlefields, Washington is likely set to go into a scenario of a “Coalition of the Willing”. This plan was announced in the fall of 2022 by the CIA. The concept is based not the framework of the EU or NATO, but on bilateral agreements between some Western countries with Ukraine. Poland, which has territorial interests in western Ukraine, is likely to become the main power of the coalition; mainly supported by the Bucharest Nine countries under the general leadership of the US military.

In fact, the format of such a coalition is already clear, it remains to be seen to find the bravest one who dares to take the first step across the border.


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