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(Video 33) CDC Exposed - Millions of Americans Given Cancer via Polio Vax & Thalidomide
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Published 4 years ago
Polio has not gone away &
Stanley Plotkin MD in his epic 9 hour deposition relates how Monkey DNA (and human dna from an aborted fetus and other animals, mercury, aluminum and other metals and chemicals which can absorb 56/6g microwaves also) was used and brought cancerous symptoms to those who had polio vaccinations. (see here His testimony is 9 hours but can be viewed at video time stamp periods Jan 11 2018, 17 : 05 & 17 : 12 fwd to show the Vaccine Hoax.The Polio vaccinations led to this Modern Alchemy see Videos 9 & 10 also like the Corona Virus.You can also see abridged testimony at 40 mins here

See also the lancet article of 2004

and Polio not eradicated just renamed or here again not eradicated just redefined

Aslo the bizarre story of Dr. Mary's Monkey and the hint of Monkey dna in the film Outbreak

The Thalidomide horror is still an open investigation or see here or here again ( & see next video 34)
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