Christ Consciousness Healing in Buckminster Fuller Flower of LYFE Vessel w/Dr. Matthew Martinez: Merkaba Chakras #107
153 views • 01/20/2023
Welcome to another podcast episode of Merkaba Chakras. I’m your host, Von Galt. Today, we talk about using Christ Consciousness energy healing frequencies to detox from EMF radiation and repair damaged DNA using Blue Shield technology in a life-size regeneration pod model using sacred geometry with Dr. Matthew Martinez. Dr. Matthew Martinez, welcome to Merkaba Chakras! For more information about Dr. Matthew Martinez LYFE Vessel offerings, please visit:

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Listen to the AUDIO podcast here. The RSS goes out to 170 directories worldwide:

Dr. Peter Gariaev on Wave Genetics (healing and changing DNA w/light):

Dr. Dzang Kangeng on DNA upgrades & changes via light energy healing modalities:

Everyone is a unique energetic DNA signature. You can image your own merkaba/mandala:

Buckminster Fullerene sacred geometry, Christ Consciousness universal design: ,

Dr. David R. Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness on merkaba calibrations:

Karen Kingston’s Substack on CV-19 patents for transhumanism:

Sound Frequencies DETOX & DNA Repair protocol:

Stanford University & CIA study on remote viewing billionaires use:

Hawaiian Menehune leprechauns:

To learn more about Von Galt metaphysical work:

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