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Money Magick - Money As Debt (2006) Part 1 - Have you ever wondered, how everyone in the world can ALL be in debt!?? All at the same time?? If everybody would stop.., & think..! How can this be!!??
Published a year ago

Money Magick essentially means manifesting money into one’s life through spells, prayers, or thoughts. It’s a type of Magick that people love to tap into. And since every crime syndicate in the world is comprised of only humans, that are driven only by their own individual desires, wants, needs, and ideals, so also the corporate crime syndicate that we refer to as the "globalist cabal", that own, finance and control ALL corporate "governments" in the world, through which M.O. they have succeeded to usurp control over, and herd, the unwitting masses, have mastered the game of Money Magick, I.E. Babylonian Money Magick!

Although this 3 part presentation is not about Babylonian Money Magick in particular, it DOES reveal how, through this method and spiel, all of us are essentially trapped in perpetual & inescapable, repetitive cycles of economic booms & busts, and ‘financial’ collapses, which are basically nothing else than, and nothing short of, a gigantic profitable ponzi scheme & wealth transfer mechanism for the corporate globalist crime syndicate that owns and controls this ponzi scheme, since it systematically and perpetually transfers (all) the fruits of the labor, of the global populace, away from the populace, and into the hands and coffers of the PRIVATE CORPORATE crime syndicate. What we must understand, is that this so called "money system", is specifically designed to create these repetitive cycles. They are no coincidence, or fluke. These booms and busts, and the repetitive financial collapses, are BUILT IN to this parasitic system of PERPETUAL WEALTH TRANSFER.

Therefore, when someone tells you that the system is broken, this simply reveals that they do not understand this system. For, it was designed to deliberately and purposely create all these repetitive financial collapses, and, through this MO, increase and expand poverty globally, and so to increase the dependence of the masses, on the PRIVATELY owned globalist corporations, called "governments". Thus, their system works like clockwork, and does EXACTLY that, what it is designed and meant to do.

In this 3 part presentation, we can learn to identify and understand, basically everything about, how and why the contemporary (Babylonian) Money Magick spell, that is imposed upon the unwitting global populace, by way of the privately owned and run, corporate globalist crime syndicate "governments", does what it does. How this spiel has trapped, basically everyone, and has blinded us all to how we can, very simply, return to a life of prosperity and well being for ALL living beings on this planet, rather than to continue feeding our time, our energy, our freedom, our entire lives, to a parasitic banksters crime system, that only benefits the few criminals at the top of it, that are commonly referred to as "the elite", but are mere gangsters.

fiat currencynwonew world orderbankstersbankingponzi schemegovernmentsmoney as debtmoney magicksyndicatemechanismwealth transferbooms and busts

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