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Is Ethiopia's Civil War Connected To China's Belt & Road Initiative & UN Play Machiavelli?
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Published 2 months ago |
North Africa looks like it is turning into a humanitarian disaster. Is this disaster by design? At the United Nations Pre-Food Summit recently every person in the room seemed to be internally juggling an awareness of the scythe that is going to reap through the population whilst attempting to put on failed brave faces. Paul Kwagame at the beginning of his speech seemed concerningly lost for words and the host tried to brush it over citing sound issues.
One thing none of the media are addressing is the Belt & Road Initiative and how that will affect the region. The China, United Nations, North Africa situation perhaps needs closer analysis through another lens.

The time bomb is ticking and when it blows I expect the Gubberment will cry 'When the wind blows' we're staring down the barrel of the next lockdown, and the jabberwocky comes for the children.

United Nations, World Economic Forum seem complicit. Majority of the African population work in agriculture whilst sustainable development brigade push for heavy investment in agricultural automation programmes.
Solve poverty by deleting the poor. Soon 'sustainable' will become understood as an evil word.
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