Set Goals Like A Billionaire: Renegade Billionaire Crash Course
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This Renegade Billionaire Crash Course shares some of the lessons taught more in depth in my course on goal setting: The Renegade Billionaire Goal Setting Workshop. I recommend that if you want to go further into the ideas behind goal setting, at some point you can take the full course, but this Crash Course will get you far if you implement it.

Here's what we go over:

- First, you gotta start thinking MASSIVE!!!

- Legitimate ways to become a billionaire: business, investing, media and TV, maybe rap music or becoming a celebrity, entrepreneurship is my recommendation!

- The 50 year billionaire goal

- Break it down to reverse engineer, so

- The 25 year billionaire goal: where should you be

- Break it down further: The 10 Year Billionaire Goal

- Good, now break it down further: The 5 Year Billionaire Goal

- Now, rubber meets the road: The 1 Year Billionaire Goal: What Should I Be Working On Today To Become A Billionaire In 50 Years

- Your Ideal Day: Tailored To Put You On The Billionaire Path To Your Goals

- ... and a lot more


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