Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Explained
436 views • 12/01/2022

Cash will always be be the best-only true passport to everlasting freedom.

Do not confuse a proposed new GOVERNMENT system of fake money with PRIVATE fake digital money systems like Bitcoin.

This proposed new CENTRAL BANK fake money will be totally controlled by governments worldwide. Nothing will  give it genuine value and worth other than an arbitrary decree by unelected, faceless bureaucrats.

This fake digital money will give the government of your country totalitarian power to completely trample and obliterate your personal human rights and freedoms. It is by far the most dangerous, evil plan since the last World War.

In fact, it is a "World War" - only not with guns and bombs, but using lies and anti-freedom technology as its equally deadly weapons.

Yes, the idea is insane but insane people trying to mimic God. But they are serious and determined which is why they are dangerous.

Urge everyone to watch this short video. Warn everybody that this "government bank" digital money agenda will directly and negatively affect them, you and all of us - unless we the people urgently unite across the world to stop it.

We MUST protect cash. It is the ONLY passport to freedom!

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