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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #210
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2019-05-26

Topics: Mark Interviews Benny Wills and Sonya English, The Process of Awakening, The Pyramid Mystery, 9/11 False Flag Event, Influence from family and friends, Planting Seeds of Truth, Joy Camp, Joy Camp's creation, Conscious Comedy, lack of Comedy in the Truth Movement, the Creative Process, Chemtrails, the Red Pill Expo 2019, Alternative View 2019, Ian R. Crane, Anarchapulco, Cryptocurrency, Cash-less businesses, European mindset regarding freedom and disarmament, Brexit, European Defence Force is a U.N. Police Force, Mercenary troops fighting yellow vests in France, Living in an R.V., the Creative Potention of Humanity, Inspiration through working with successful truth activists, Family members rejecting you for speaking Truth, Equality under Natural Law does not equate to sameness or uniformity, LGBT events not representing diversity, Hollywood strangeness and Pedophilia, Androgyny, Androgyny as a Satanic Agenda, Gender-Bending, Emasculation of the Male population to thwart Rebellion, Demonization of the Male role in society, Inversion of the Sacred Feminine and sacred Masculine roles as a Satanic Agenda, Anarchadelphia Conference, Anarchovegas, allegorical TV shows and Movies, Controlled Narratives, Cultural Marxist agenda behind Hollywood storylines, Hollywood Babylon, Stanley Kubrick and M. Night Shyamalan as allegorical film directors, breaking free from conventional compensation systems for truth and artistic works, Censorship as a Powder-keg for a Hot Revolution.

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