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Hurricane Dorian Microwave Beam Proof 9 05 2019
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The HAARP Report
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This shows proof of a microwave beam, weakening and steering Hurricane Dorian, before it hit the North Carolina coast.
The beam comes from an SBX type megawatt microwave transmitter at a Marine Air Base. The US navy is not going to be happy about this video.
This microwave technology is killing the oceans, by punching hundreds of holes in the ozone layer, every week. These microwave beams are weapons, killing Mother Nature, herself.
We humans, who have awareness of these doomsday technologies, must speak out, and shut them down. Simply disclosing these devices MAY be enough to curtail their use. So please add your voice to help stop the deliberate killing of OUR planet!
I had three external health attacks from December 2018, to August 2019. So, I'm NOT happy about uploading more videos, but I am obligated to do what I can to slow our headlong plunge off the extinction cliff.


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