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Mark Passio on Natural Law, the Relationship between Morality and Freedom, the Satanic Mindset and the Real 7 Deadly Sins
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Published 6 months ago

Max interviews researcher, truth teller and former Satanist Mark Passio as he shares his vast reservoir of knowledge about human consciousness, mind control, the occult and grass roots solutions to our current global situation. Mark describes the Satanic agenda and techniques in keeping humanity in a devolved state of consciousness to more effectively manipulate and control the masses into the condition of slavery we are currently in globally. He describes the Satanic mindset of ego, selfishness and “me” culture and how humanity is in a state of psychological childhood. Mark points out how order followers are the ones creating the problems and incurring the karma for immoral behavior, the pyramid is held up by the bottom layer and how these are facilitating bringing the dark new world order into existence. Mark explains Natural Law and how to create freedom within and without. Max and Mark discuss the importance of shadow work and how to move towards sovereignty, true knowledge, personal responsibility and the importance of taking action to co-create a free and moral society.

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global agendatruth warriorsmark passio on natural lawthe relationship between morality and freedomthe satanic mindset and the real 7 deadly sinsmark pass

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