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MRI and CT Scan DANGER. Gadolinium POISONING?
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Published 13 days ago

Gadolinium is a toxic rare-earth metal used to enhance imaging in medical scans (MRI and CT Scans). The side-effects of gadolinium can be worse than the original disease.

Non-invasive diagnosis methods can be just as effective as medical scans, much cheaper and far less toxic. Stop worshipping the high medical priesthood in their deceptive white robes. EDTA chelation can improve-reverse gadolinium poisoning. See links below.

Great interview by a fav DetoxGuru, Wendy Myers at

MyersDetox Hair Mineral Analysis:

MyersDetox Program to Remove Dangerous Toxins:

Full Presentation: Your Medical Scan Could Cause Gadolinium Poisoning with Debbie Heist Lambert



31:30 min. Debbie's Near Death Experience (NDE)


1:20 min. What is Gadolinium? Toxic rare earth metal used in MRI-CT scans as a contrast dye. It makes your body "glow in the dark".

3:00 min. Symptoms of toxicity?

5:00 min. Debbie's experience with first injection: temporary dementia and brain fog.

15:20 min. Types of scans using Gadolinium.

23:20 min. Circumventing the 'medical-ego' and 'insurance driven medical' problem.

25:40 min. Gadolinium poisoning support group is HUGE and growing rapidly. 300 people joining her facebook group per month (and this is only one group in the US). Many patients are ignored by med staff and written off as 'head-cases'...'you need a psych eval'....'patient gaslighting'

32:45 min. Pain meds not touching pain levels of the 'Gad Poisoned' group.

33:30 min. Gad detox options.

~~~EDTA Chelation Info

One of the Safest HEAVY METAL DETOX protocols is EDTA:

Michael Roth on EDTA Heavy Metal Chelaton at

Super-Detox with EDTA. EDTA detoxes mercury! Ana Mihalcea MD & Michael Roth DO

EDTA for EMF/radiation, cancer, clots, mold, mycotoxins. Michael Roth DO

FULL SHOW: EDTA Detoxification for Heavy Metals, Graphene and Hydrogel


Symptoms of Gadolinium Toxicity | SHORT VERSION

Comments From @executivedirector4764:

"Just had my first MRI October 3rd 2023. It was to help fully diagnose my recently discovered cancer. The MRI was to last for one hour. Before it began an IV was placed in my arm and the attendant told me that during the last 10 minutes of the hour the contrast fluid would be administered to enhance the images produced by the machine. The first 50 minutes were somewhat uncomfortable and time passed slowly but I did not experience stress or fear or or panic or claustrophobia. I felt the beginning of the administration of the contrast fluid in the form of warmth. Heat rapidly progressed up the sides of my neck to the insides of my ears. Then to my sinuses and behind my eyes. It rapidly became stronger and increasingly painful. My thoughts were "man this hurts but I have to endure it so all of the images can be made. Keep in mind I was/am very concerned about this cancer. At about the two or three minute mark I remember the feeling heat and pain and pressure suddenly going up into my brain. The next thing I slowly became aware of was that I could see the ceiling tiles in the room. Then I realized that meant that I was out of the machine. I could not pull myself to full consciousness. I was experiencing considerable pain and a strong sensation of dying. I became aware that the room was full of people (medical personnel). Over a period of 10 to 15 minutes I became more and more conscious. One of the people ask me my name and age which I successfully answered. They put me in an ambulance and took me to an emergency room where I spent the next 9 hours being observed. No additional medication. I was released at the end of the day. The discharge papers contained a one word diagnosis: Syncope (which means he passed out). No mention of the Gadolinium treatment. Yes I did lose consciousness but that is what knocked me out. I am in pretty good physical shape for a guy with cancer and I have no other history of passing out."

"A couple of days later I started trying to find out what this contrast fluid was. It was a Gadolinium mix but at this time I don't know which one. Then I did some internet searching about it and found one large statistical study that concluded that one in ten thousand patients have a very bad reaction to it. Then these you tube videos popped up in the search engine. My case is not as severe (so far) as the lady's in this video but it is eight days later and the after effects have not completely subsided. "


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