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Let's Play Oblivion #3: Friendship is Magic (Max Difficulty, 100%)
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Published 22 days ago |
(Disclaimer: This video is safe for work, but not suitable for minors)

In this video I successfully acquire myself a new home and a free container by saving a town from an evil spell. I also deal with local crime problem by eliminating some assassins and pirates. On top of all that I also get a horse and some books to read, so I’m now ready for some bigger adventures.

Going to Imperial Prison 4:15
Acquiring a Horse 7:12
Arrival at AlesWell 14:38
Fort Carractus Quest 18:59
Saving AlesWell 33:28
Dealing with an Assassination Attempt 45:01
Getting Rid of Pirates 50:09
Exploring a Ship 55:01
Reading Ancotar’s Journal 1:02:03

Oblivion is a fantasy game set in a fictional world during medieval times. The game takes place in the province of Cyrodil, which is part of continent of Tamriel. The main protagonist witnesses the death of Emperor and is tasked to save this land from slowly creeping in evil forces. During the game the main character gets to battle various different factions including Mythic Dawn agents, necromancers, daedra, undead, goblins and more. Oblivion is a non linear game in which it’s possible to do multiple quests at once, participate in various guilds, do illegal activities or explore a big variety of locations.

Goals of this let’s play series:
1. Play on maximum difficulty.
2. Complete all available quests.
3. Increase Attributes and skills to their maximum value.
4. Clear all dungeons and Oblivion gates.
5. Acquire and read all ingame books.
6. Acquire all available housing and purchase all available upgrades for it.
7. Acquire all special gear and unique items.
8. Do not use any glitches.

Mods Installed:
Unofficial Oblivion Patch 3.5.6b
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch 1.5.9a
Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches 24
SD Skill Diary

Software used to make mods compatible:
(Error fixing) TES4EDIT
(Mod order) BOSS

You can find Ultimate on:

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