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11/22/2022 -- Earthquake Forecast -- Major unrest Multiple M7+ events due - Japan, Alaska, Indonesia
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Alex Hammer
Published 16 days ago |

Major seismic unrest is taking place now.

The expected large earthquake activity is now taking place (expected from the last push and forecast issued on Nov 14, 2022 - 7 days ago).

See the warning from 7 days ago, which technically still applies for 7 more days .. however this forecast replaces the original while not cancelling the previous warnings. Here is the previous warning video

Now that multiple M7.0+ earthquakes have struck, along with hundreds of people reported missing due to the indonesia event, thousands injured .... the spread is serious.

Indonesia should be hit again at the "S" shaped plate boundary where it meets with Papua New Guinea... the size should be similar to the past 2 days.. M6.9 to M7.4

Japan is due for a large event most likely around the same size as Indonesia, M6.9 to low M7 , at the most famous earthquake zone on the planet, the coast of Honshu up to Fukushima.

Alaska is also due for an extremely large earthquake also above M7 at the border of Alaska and Canada Yukon most likely.

South Sandwich Islands M6.9 to low M7 due.

Locations also going to watch for upper M6 are just North of NZ "catchers mitt" Bay of Plenty... M6 for central aleutians... M6.5 Kamchatka... M6.5 Ecuador... M6 central Chile ...... M5.9 due California Nevada border by Ubehebe craters.

M6.5 due in Greece, and upper M5 due in North Italy on the plate boundary between Turin + Milan .

Rare M4.9 due on the new madrid seismic zone, as well as a similar sized event in Oklahoma.

This is all preliminary and could change based on deep earthquake activity, but the forecast stands as of 11/22/2022 at midnight for the next 7 days or until further notice.

* DISCLAIMER ** All earthquake forecasts by Dutchsinse (Michael Yuri Janitch) are intended for informational purposes only, the theories, ideas, and information shown are presented for educational consideration by interested viewers only. All views expressed solely belong to the video maker, and are not intended for the public to act upon. All warnings, watches, and advisories are intended for viewer consideration only. **


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