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News and Commentary: The AP, Nazis, IBM, Vax Passports, Election Fraud, set to REGGAETON!
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Evan Talks
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Published 2 years ago
How the AP and IBM worked with Hitler to help him exterminate millions of innocent lives, and how they are at it again with vaccine passport technology.

This is why they censor everyone who speaks out, and particularly why they want to silence "Jews like me" (people who speak out, Jewish or not makes no difference this time, it's not about being a Jew it's about being AWAKE and speaking out).

DID YOU KNOW? The new IBM vaccine passport tracking technology is based in the same "2-tier punch card" system IBM developed to help the Nazis separate and then track (and then round up and exterminate) the "undesirables" from the "desirables"

We are living in the end times, or so it seems, with the new global extermination agenda underway right now. It is the Vaccine Holocaust. IBM and the press are at it again. They are truly enemies of the people and they ought to be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.

It helps to have a clear view of history so that if we can wake the people, we can try and stop these globalist monsters from achieving their global depopulation agenda before it's too late.

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