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Australia: No Sex Please We're Fascists | BLCKBX
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Published 2 months ago |
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“Australia has gone mad!”, says former police officer about getting government sex guidelines…

Recently, Australia has been in a strict lockdown again and that suggests an epidemiological emergency, that is strangely hard to justify.
In fact… the Kangaroo Island was locked due to a handful of infections and only 1 death!
A zero-tolerance policy that is hard to fathom, because in Australia - with more than 25 million inhabitants - only 922 deaths were attributed to Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021.

Evelyn Rae

Australian correspondent Evelyn Rae regularly reports on the disproportionate measures in her country on Sky News Australia and was also willing to provide BLCKBX with in-depth reporting on the ups and downs in her country. For example, host Flavio Pasquino spoke to her about the 300 soldiers who are supporting the police in enforcing the lockdown laws, the vaccination strategy, the polarization, the distrust of the mainstream media and the ridiculous government advice about sex for couples.

Evelyn Rae is also very active on twitter ( and her account is definitely worth following.

Masked Sex

The government website literally calls on Australians to masturbate and stop having intercourse. And if couples masturbate, then please do so masked and of course at 1,5 meters. Preferably, you do will this via Skype or Zoom.

No, all this is not a joke. Please see for yourself through this link:

(NB: We followed the link only to find the page has been removed. Surprise, surprise. Thankfully, the internet is forever, so you can now see it for yourself here: - FNQ Citizen's Collective)

This is the link ( -mask) to the platform of Evelyn Rae to which she referred to which the article about the sex guidelines - recommended by the government - are well explained by her.

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