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Horrific Footage: 18+++ AFU Are Torn Apart By Russian Artillery - "Finish Me Off!" 18+++
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The Prisoner
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Published 4 months ago

War is an ugly affair and politics aside, one’s heart goes out to the young Ukrainian conscripts who are caught up in the slaughter.

The real criminals in this are the politicians in Washington and London who are fueling the conflict in Ukraine with billions in arms and ordnance. In their efforts to sustain the war they are being ably assisted by the western mainstream media, which persistently misrepresents what is happening on the ground.

This is being done to deceive the Western public and ensure the continued supply of arms and ordnance to Ukraine. What they don’t show is the full horrific consequences of this ‘aid’.

In one night alone during the counteroffensive Ukrainian forces sustained over a thousand dead, and that’s our conservative estimate. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense Ukraine lost over 3,700 men and 50 tanks during the opening days of its counteroffensive. Unfortunately we cannot provide a link to substantiate this because Russian outlets that are reporting it are being systematically censored in the West.

That’s why you won’t see videos like the one linked here on your nightly TV news. It shows the ugly reality of the war the West is supporting. We aren’t showing it because it is really horrific but it brings home what Western arms are helping prolong.

Warning: graphic video.

Instead the Western mainstream media continues to feed the public lies and propaganda about the war and that makes them complicit in war crimes.

Further Info:

UPDATED: Horrifying VIDEO 2000+ Dead Ukrainian Soldiers in Overnight War Fighting -

Text Source - The Truthseeker UK

Video Source - December11991

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