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Return to the Highway
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Published 5 months ago |
c. 1985, 2013 – Mike Caraway

1) Got some good news just for you, we ain’t here to lose but to stay true,
Share this life and wear this love, prepare to fly up to our home above,
And knock that dragon from his throne,
watch him drop from the heavens like a stone, see his cover blown,
So I return to the highway.

2) I see we’re sprayed with barium, aluminum, iron and cadmium
Who’s changin our foods to poison, injectin our children with infections?
I see we’re ruled by corporate tools,
murderers, liars, thieves, cheaters and fools, and thugs and ghouls,
So I return to the highway.

BREAK: La da da, deedle-dee-dee-da-da, La da da, deedle-dee-dee-da-da,

3) The choir sings so loud to drown out wailings from the train to the death compound,
Brave soldiers shoot school-children down,
then blame the victim where the guns were found,
We’re branded, attacked, doped and scammed,
in this tyrannical utopia of man, where God is banned,
So I return to the highway.

4) The control program is now in play,
by death angels and their power-spellbound slaves,
Their feet shed blood, their tongues tell lies,
there is no fear of God before their eyes,
But we’re one spirit, one body, so death’ll be swallowed up in victory,
and we’re livin free,
So I return to the highway.


5) By undeserved kindness we’re saved, the favor from God given thru our faith,
We cannot earn it, cannot boast, eternal life our promised, blessed hope,
We’re His poem made for good moves, in Christ Jesus prepared for us to do,
walk all the way thru,
So I return to the highway.

6) We won’t all sleep, but we’ll all be changed, there will be no death for us who remain,
In the twinkling of an eye, when that trumpet calls, all of us in Christ will rise,
To meet our Lord up in the air, together forever the heavens share,
be with Him there,
So I return to the highway.


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