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New Jobs Report Furthers Loss of Confidence in USD
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Published a year ago
Feb 9, 2023 #jobs #economy #gold
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You'd think that the public would actually benefit from getting accurate information from our government in the central bank. Of course, they don't really want you to understand. So they come out with this national jobs report. That jobless rate hit a 53 year low. Do you do? But the reality is people aren't necessarily as stupid as governments and central bankers want them to be. As thousands go out and get new jobs to battle unreasonable amounts of inflation caused by all of the money printing and higher prices for everything we buy, this therefore decreases its confidence in the system and the US dollar. And that's the last vestige of confidence that these central bankers have. But it also lends to the World Gold Council's data showing gold with its strongest demand by the retail public in over 11 years. Central Banks, you have to go back to 1967, but frankly, from central bank purchases to retail investor buying, this entire situation is becoming more and more obvious for more and more people. The question is, are you just going to sit back and watch it happen? Where are you going to protect yourself as it happens? Coming up. 📖

Chapters: 0:00 Jobless Rate Spikes

1:56 Layoff Ahead

5:44 Wage Slowdown

9:09 Gold Demand

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