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Dec2021, Kazakhstan :(
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Published 8 months ago |
i hate to sound like a jerk or like an uncaring asshole or cynical with no faith :(
But after this revolt in Kazakhstan, the government of Kazakhstan went to the United Nations or Russia alone and asked for military help so Russia sent in all those troops and then they started shooting :(
Today is January 30, 2022.
I admit i am afraid of what will happen in Canada now in Ottawa.
Will the Canada government ask the United Nations for military help, will troops be sent to Canada that are not Canada-military will they be from other countries.
Will they start shooting.
Will it be like Tiananmen square back in 1989 in china, the famous old picture of the man standing in front of a column of tanks as he holds 2 shopping bags.
i am scared.
The countries that signed this 160-country agreement in the United Nations back in 1984 called "Agenda 2030" calls for depopulating the world ..... as well as the Georgia Guidestones.
And they started it.
They started it with this so called pandemic back in late 2019 (it truly is a "planned pandemic" or "plandemic").
This is truly the end times as written in the Holy Bible.
Please use "Stellarium" a free astronomy-app for windows / linux / macOS to see for yourself
if the Revelation 12: 1 - 2 sign in the heavens happened on
(1) September 11, 3 B.C.
(2) September 23, 2017 A.D.
On those days, in the constellation Virgo, the sun crossed by her chest area, the moon was at her feet, the constellation Leo represents the 12 stars by her head like a crown, and the planet Jupiter was in her womb area for 9 months prior and then started moving downwards from her legs as if she were giving birth.
I really do not know how to match all the bible prophecies in Daniel and Revelation about the last 3.5 years or 1280 days as it is mentioned so so so so so many times in Daniel and Revelation.
All i know is as you can already tell, its an all out "full spectrum" attack on humanity itself on all fronts :
psychological, food, money, security, our sanity, rational reasoning, patience, respect, human rights, love.
I can only keep praying.
LORD ALMIGHTY CREATOR, please send Jesus soon as promised in Matthew 24.
(unless the days were shortened no one survives)
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