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Hospital refused to employ safe, effective ‘COVID’ treatment protocol, because “Not invented here”
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Published 20 days ago

Nurse anesthetist Kristina Morros, who also works with/for FLCCC, worked in the Dutch Erasmus hospital during the ‘pandemic’. When she shared FLCCC’s highly safe, effective, cheap and available ‘COVID’ treatment protocol with Erasmus hospital management, they refused to employ it due to the ‘not invented here’ syndrome.

Instead they opted for their own protocol which was both toxic and ineffective. Their behavior proves very clearly that they care very little about their patients. They just care that their protocols have been invented by themselves (and possibly other non patient related motives). This is crucial information to know. Whatever happened to “First do no harm”?

NB: The Erasmus hospital is also where Ernst Kuiper, who is currently Dutch Minister of Health, was Chairperson of the Board until January of 2022, when he got his new function. Marion Koopmans, one of the highest WHO virologists, also works there.


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