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High Hopes
Published 2 months ago |

Brandon cory Nagley

Dec 1, 2022

Today is now 12/1/22. i am showing as always the signs in the heavens that Jesus christ (known as yeshua in Hebrew, and called by many different names) warned to be seen before his second coming. Those signs specifically from the (planet x/ nemesis/ nibiru/ Biblical wormwood of Revelation 8/ red dragon (being planet x of Revelation 12) what NASA calls the planet 9 system evidence.. also today I'm showing some breaking news...This videos highlights: BREAKING NEWS out of Hawaii where the massive Mona lua volcano that's considered a super volcano and what mainstream calls the biggest volcano in the world exploded turning Hawaiian skies blood red though to skies are blood red from red iron oxide dust blanketing the skies globally and waters just as occurred from our twin sun called planet x the brown dwarf star. As its called wormwood or the fiery red dragon and nemesis the ( destroyer ) in our bible...just as it occured during the 10 biblical plagues during Moses' time in the book of exodus it was recorded down as it also occurred not only in Egypt but globally times past as all ancient societies recorded the 10 plagues and red waters and skies due to the red iron oxide dust that turned waters/skies red falling from planet x just as is happening again. Planet x system insider mike from around the world told paul begley on Paul Begley youtube channel a while ago just as other insiders have said that first we will see a red dust event before the main events and horrific things come from Planet x which is coming now and the planet x system that's been here in our solar system gradually messing up earth and all planets/ moons in earths solar system since 2002-2007 as its gradually getting worse and will speed up... And mainstream media is calling Mona lua the biggest volcano in the world. That's a lie. There's much worse volcanoes under the oceans and under lands that they aren't telling the public about. Such as one insider mike warned about he called a fiery caldera sitting under Japan that's now starting to be active and when it blows all of Japan will be wiped off the map though sadly the Japanese elite won't tell their people that. Not including other massive ones bigger than Tonga and others even bigger than Yellowstone. As earth gets slapped with planet x system radiation from backside of earth like today and with solar radiation hitting earth hard daily and gamma ray burst ( star that exploded long ago insider mike warned about years ago ) red band waves of cosmic energy smacking earth with cosmic radiation then expect major eruptions soon globally and more bigger quakes in various places as Jesus warned before his second coming, as is happening at fast pace. You'll see planet x system skies being seen worldwide. Indonesia has had their skies blood red and orange the past 4-5 days now due to the red iron oxide dust and planet x system bodies lighting up the skies not including many other locations. You'll see what I call a massive ( atmospheric tail ) in France which is a cloud tail that comes close to the ground usually with the color blood red, fiery orange, or pink and yellow or a mixture of the colors, as when certain planet x system objects of the planet x system and comet bodies of the PX system pass earth they can change our cloud structure and atmosphere creating massive cloud tails to come down almost to the ground. No it's NOT petrol which is GAS in simple terms as occultist nancy leider pushes. Which so others know she pushes occultist theology pushing " aliens" will help us. No.. 3 dimensional entities fallen in nature are here and coming in with nibiru and planet x to KILL not help more like pictures caught by me+others. Newcomers, Jesus Christ is the only way to God and heaven ( John 14;6) and the only way to escape the judgement coming( REVELATION 3:10/ REVELATION 12:5/ 1 THESSALONIANS 4/ 1 CORINTHIANS 15/ john 14:3- bible references.) Pray if you have not accepted Jesus (yeshua) as Lord read BELOW my video in my pinned comments section.

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