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Is There a Supplement in Your Medicine Cabinet that Can Treat Ebola?
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Published 4 months ago |
Ebola is still big in the news and it is being hyped up as a major danger to the entire world. The US has just sent 3000 troops to West Africa to help contain Ebola spread and the pharmaceutical industry is working feverishly to come up with a vaccine and drug to fight this dreaded disease. The entire world is frightened by the threat of global spread of Ebola.

Of course it is a good idea to deal with any serious disease aggressively and as soon as possible. However, consider that Ebola has been around at the very least since 1976 and there hasn't been much spread beyond a small area of Africa. It hasn't even spread to the rest of Africa, let alone the rest of the planet. And, there have been relatively few deaths from Ebola compared to malaria, vitamin A deficiency related diseases, and many other illnesses. Why haven't we dealt with those major epidemics as swiftly as we are now with Ebola? Could it be that there's more money to be made from Ebola?

This local disease reminds us of the swine flu pandemic that turned out to be a huge profit maker for big pharma, but it did almost nothing to prevent or treat the flu. Have a look at the paper I wrote that was published in The Townsend Newsletter called The Infection Deception.

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