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Biblical end-time prophecies and warnings from God (part 5 of 5)
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Published 2 months ago

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The video was produced in the outskirts of Cebu City, the Philippines on Sabbath, February 17, 2024

This video presentation on God’s end-time prophecies, messages and warnings for our generation and for the next few years to come including:

1. Identity of who will receive the seven last plagues of God in Revelation 16

2. Identity of the whore of Babylon in Revelation 17 & 18

3. God’s end-time fourth angel’s message in Revelation 18:4-5

4. Heaven’s rejoicing over the great whore’s destruction and end of false worship in Revelation 19:1-4

5. The beast and the false prophet will be put in the lake of fire in Revelation 19:20

6. Second and last martyrdom of God’s people in Revelation 20:4

7. Identity of those who will be part of the second death in Revelation 20:14-15; Revelation 21:8 and Revelation 22:15

8. God’s people will be with God in His kingdom in Revelation 21:1-6

9. Identity of the two end time groups of people in Revelation 22:11

10. God’s people will be with God in New Jerusalem in Revelation 22:14

"Sunday was a name given by the heathens to the first day of the week, because it was the day on which they worshipped the sun,...”­ Eadie's Biblical Cyclopedia, 1872 Edition, page 561.

"For professing faith contrary to the teachings of the Church of Rome, history records the martyrdom of more then one hundred million people. A million Waldenses and Albigenses [Swiss and French Protestants] perished during a crusade proclaimed by Pope Innocent III in 1208. Beginning from the establishment of the Jesuits in 1540 to 1580, nine hundred thousand were destroyed. One hundred and fifty thousand perished by the Inquisition in thirty years. Within the space of thirty-eight years after the edict of Charles V against the Protestants, fifty thousand persons were hanged, beheaded, or burned alive for heresy. Eighteen thousand more perished during the administration of the Duke of Alva in five and a half years."--Brief Bible Readings, p. 16.

"There was no village of the Vaudois valleys but had its martyrs. The Waldenses were burned; they were cast into damp and horrid dungeons; they were smothered in crowds in mountain caverns, mothers and babes, and old men and women together; they were sent out into exile in the winter night, unclothed and unfed, to climb the snowy mountains; they were hurled over the rocks; their houses and lands were taken from them; their children were stolen to be indoctrinated with the religion which they abhorred. Rapacious individuals were sent among them to strip them of their property, to persecute and exterminate them. Thousands of heretics" or Waldenses, "old men, women and children, were hung, quartered, broken upon the wheel, or burned alive and their property confiscated for the benefit of the king, and Holy See."-Thompson - The Papacy and the Civil Power


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"If the liberties of the American people are every destroyed, they will fall by the hand of the Roman Catholic cult's clergy."

-General Lafayette under President George Washington

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