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People Have No Idea What's Coming ! This Will Happen Soon !
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Published a month ago |
People Have No Idea What's Coming! This Will Happen Soon! - Must See Video
Wednesday, August 12, 2020 14:00

Look the everyday Joe knows these people are criminal but who arrests WHO, the UN, CCP, Bill & Male inda Gates. This needs to be qualified an that authority given the power to act….

They should all be charged with crime against humanity we are humans and we dont belong to anyone esp the government!

What i dislike is the fact that these videos say “this etc is going to happen soon” as if there is no abort system or no chance of intercepting the whole scheme! There is something called Don’t Play Along folks. If it feels bad in the gut…it is usually bad period. Thats why we were given the sense called intuition.

Covid19 is the biggest scam in history of civilization.Following the fear money control destruction is their agenda..

We never locked down before with viruses but fear got us locked down. They are taking our freedom away. Start controlling your fear and live again. Don’t give them your life to run or execute.
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