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The Cause of All Our Problems
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Published 2 years ago
Nothing will ever change; none of this evil that we've been watching unfold since the end of WWII will ever be vanquished until we repossess all that what was taken from us by the Thirteen Families through this 100 year-old Fractional Reserve Banking fraud scheme, and restore an Honest Monetary System; like the one that we had before 1913; like the one that is still mandated by our Constitution, but ignored by Congress and the Courts. Only then can we enjoy the peace, prosperity and freedom that is the birthright of every American.

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone who lacks a deep understanding of our nation's fraudulent banking system, and how unredeemable, unbacked, worthless currency it is the source of all of our suffering, it would be to watch this video. It will be the best 3 hours you've ever spent learning anything, for it will describe the source of all our problems and explain what we must do to change this evil paradigm.
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