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Died Suddenly
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Published 10 months ago

This documentary cuts to the core of the case against so-called Covid vaccines: Instead of protecting against Covid, the injections are injuring and killing so many people that the process has become nothing less than genocide - which is not so surprising when we learn that the masterminds behind these shots are fierce advocates of population reduction. The documentary revolves around a group of embalmers and coroners who independently discovered that, starting precisely at the time the alleged vaccines were introduced, the number of "sudden" deaths began skyrocketing to levels never seen before - and they discovered the cause. You will see them remove long, worm-like fibers from the main arteries and veins of "sudden-death" victims. These grotesque killers are so large, they completely block the flow of blood to vital organs. All of these victims had been vaccinated. Some had been treated with Remdesivir. 2022 Nov 15 - Source: Stew Peters Productions

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