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The Faience Manufacture of Malicorne near Le Mans
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Good Old Days
Published a month ago |
Collection of Antique Faïencerie d'Art de Malicorne, and famed Malicorne Pottery, like those dinner and soup plates coming with campagne fleuri design, also typical yellow and blue stripes border motif, depicting young and old, 'Petit Breton', namely Peasant, breton women and Men hand painted on middle of plate.
then, a selection of lug bowls coming with multicolored fleuri motif, ready for hanging with their two fixing holes on back.
Pottery has been made in the region by master artisans since 1747. located in the Sarthe region of central France (near Le Mans) is also a "pottery town" and can trace its history of pottery production back to the 3rd Century A.D. Many pieces made at a pottery run by Léon Pouplard. The pottery's name was Plat d'Etain; Pouplard took over a family pottery in 1890 and soon after became "inspired" by Quimper's success.

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