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P.4 (alt. url) Big Medicine (doctors) vs Big Pharmacy (pharmacists) harming Australians with impunity MVI_4371
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Published 17 days ago

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I delve into a pages 29-31 article in the 3rd September 2023 edition of the Western Australian Sunday Times, titled ‘BAD MEDICINE’. This is about a tawdry battle between two of the greatest harm-doers to the Australian people, Big Medicine and Big Pharmacy, that is, doctors and pharmacists.

There is a lot of money to be made in the provision of pharmaceuticals in Australia, and the medical and pharmacy lobby groups are in disagreement again. Hundreds of drugs are involved, and billions of dollars. Blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, obesity, diabetes, you name it, there’s a synthetic for every imaginable ailment.

Disclaimer: I am expressing my opinions, which may be incorrect. This is not medical advice. Any negative assessments of individuals and institutions mentioned in this video series are mine, and I may be completely wrong.

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