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Bitterroot Bugler
Published 4 months ago |
I pulled this video from Ewe-Toob as it runs the risk of offending their censors. It is too good to lose. It came to me via Claire Wolfe from TheConservativeWoman website. Here is the link:

Her description of the video follows:

WHERE are our dystopian leaders taking us? That is the question everyone should be asking. Each day, almost from the start of the first lockdown last year, we’ve published on TCW – as have many others elsewhere – successive and cumulative evidence of the government’s disproportionate yet highly selective response to the threat posed by Covid-19. In other countries this determined irrationality has arguably been worse (see Emily Bonin on these pages today) but we are pretty much in lockstep with them.

It prompts the question of the extent to which covid – and anthropogenic global warming – has been exaggerated, deceptively and ruthlessly, to herd society into a dystopian future of monitoring, control and zero freedoms.

This link below is to a video that exaggerates for effect a vision of such a dystopian world. Please allow it to run to the end, as only then does the message really become clear.

Is this the society that the millennials desperate for their vax passes are prepared to settle for? It’s a question much more for them than for anyone now drawing a pension – though the latter would do well to examine their consciences for what they, through their submission, compliance and refusal to question the official narrative, may have allowed to come to pass.
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