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Free (and not so free) Speech: Musk, "Devil's Champion" - and BOLD signs of this and that
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Published 5 months ago |

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We found ourselves back in the anti-free-speech-YT penalty box for another week - due to a strike for "Medical Misinformation." The banned video can be found on our other platforms. Find them on our blog - linked below.

"the Speed of Science" - a commentary by Dr. Mercola - that we aren't allowed to discuss on some platforms

YouTube is going through another major update. Everyone with a channel has to choose a "handle." I would have chosen @TheOpenScroll but it was already taken. The best option we found was @The-Open-Scroll, so that's going to be our main handle. If you happen to see someone commenting and it looks like us, look sharp: Someone (or bot) may be spoofing us.

"Devil's Champion" Elon Musk - suited up for the big holiday party

* Symbolic Pics of the Month (November 2022)


The Time Reset Aqua - another sign of what's still pending

"Things that make no sense in 2022 - How did we get here??" - excellent commentary

Aaron reads the scriptures


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Curious about the pending reset of time? Learn more here: "The Pending Reset of Time"

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