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My experience with shedding/transferring.
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Jennifer's Journey
Published a month ago |

I spent 15 months searching for answers & ways to help myself & found very little information or advice. "Keep a safe distance" was the extent of advice I received. 

So I am putting these videos together to get the word out that there are ways we can help ourselves & each other.

I worked in a nursing when the residents were injected. My problems began immediately. I had to quit my job & have gone through 2 other jobs since, because I cannot be in close contact w injected people. 

Again, I am not a doctor. I am not suggesting that you use anything that I'm using or that these things are a cure. I'm simply sharing my experience & showing you what is helping me. I am a regular person who has been negatively affected by the clot shot. I was living a healthy, productive life until being exposed to people who took the shots. I began hemorrhaging within 2 days of being in close contact w them. I would bleed for 2 or 3 weeks out of every month. This went on for 15 months. One day I searched for ways to remove graphene oxide from the bloodstream and I found an article w a protocol. I began using what was recommended in the article that very day. 

Thank you for watching & please share these videos w anyone who may be a victim of shedding. There is help. 
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