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Imprisoned Angels Trapped in Stars Examined!
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Published 2 years ago |
There is scripture regarding the angels that are chained in darkness referring to hell. Jesus stood in front of Mount Hermon and said the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against It "referring to the church". Also a 3rd of the stars were cast down in Revelation after Michael and his angels defeated the dragon and his angels. Looking at Biblical cosmology and the 3 heavens. If the 3rd of the stars that were cast down are angels, were they cast into the first heaven within the firmament?

Many believe that all the angels are locked up until judgement. I feel that only the worst were chained in darkness. The others are able to communicate with us. They are sharing all of their technology. When our "world leaders" go to Antarctica, are they really going to the ice wall close to the firmament so they can communicate with fallen? In Hebrew cosmology, the deepest part of the ocean is part of the waters above the firmament. In the last days, will they be released from above as well as below along with the antichrist for a short time?

Many feel good and bad angels walk among us and look just like us. I myself have experienced events that could only be explained as encounters with angels. Have you had experiences where you feel angels were intervening in your life? Do you believe in angels?

Do you think technology has advanced enough again that they can communicate straight through devices? I just thought this would be a good discussion to have. Please share your respectful thoughts . No one has all the answers. Time is short! Yeshua Jesus Saves! Follow Him!
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