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Texas daily horn honking harassment continues
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Published 7 months ago |
Continuation of the honking encountered almost daily in every city I am in in Texas. Now in Harris County on way to Court after stalking incident by Harris County Police which resulted in me being charged after Trespass on property, Below is a link to the most publicised case of this stalking harassment reported on ABC news. This case though to be linked to the towns Fire Chief after the couple refused to sell their property to this man.

Link to Stalking by Harris County Fire after release from jail from charges stemming from stalking by Harris County Police. These are the first criminal charges I have ever faced at 56 years of age.;t=66s

Of course there is the many repeated 2-4 honks throughout day, the constant 40-100 honks almost daily whether at residences, hotels, stores, etc seem very odd after this occurring for ten months straight. This horn honking once again began in 2012 just one day after raid on property by state and federal agents, for most of the eight years it was limited to 2-5 honks at a time all day everyday, this going hand in hand with the 24/7 stalking that also began just one day after this raid. As so many report this same activity in the US who believe they are also stalking victims, and are also subjected to the same tactics used in the 1950-1970 FBI Cointelpro operations, this agency along with their accomplices in crime would be the most likely suspects. This includes FBI and police informants, contractors, corporations and corrupt local, state and federal agencies who were also found to be involved in the crimes exposed in the 1970’s.
These crimes include but are not limited to harassment, stalking, drugging, break ins, theft, vandalism, assassinations of activist.
Some of the agencies taking part in this would be the NSA, Homeland Security, DOJ, Fusion Centers, Corrupt police, Infraguard, citizen corps, etc.

As the victims of this crime also speak of being tortured with high tech weapons, drugged etc, we seem to find ourselves modern day victims of the age old practice by the US that is openly reported as in humane human experimentation.

These experiments that we find in history to be carried out almost constantly, have not ceased, they instead have only grown in size as well as grown to new extremes using Radio frequencies, EMF and EF, (microwaves.)
We find many reports on this technology by military contractors, as well we see many reports on the dangers of such microwaves coming out almost daily in 2020. Though this technology is many decades old, much knowledge about it has been suppressed.
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